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      Space to breathe.

      MNDFL is a global community of expert teachers, certified instructors and dedicated practitioners who are all about spreading goodness.

      Since its inception, MNDFL has been at the forefront of the modern mindfulness movement, providing meditation experiences and relevant mindfulness content for the modern human.

      We can all be a little more MNDFL. Try these:

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      Becoming MNDFL helps you feel good.

      Reduce stress

      Mindfulness helps you become BFF with your mind and learn how to effectively cope with the tough stuff – like anxious thoughts and difficult emotions. Hi, present moment awareness. Buh-bye, Obsessiveness.

      Increase productivity

      Let’s face it, there is so much work to be done in the world and it can be overwhelming. Create mental and emotional space so you can show up more fully for both your internal and external world. 

      Reduce depression

      Studies show that meditation, especially when paired with exercise, can lead to a 40% decrease in depression. Turns out that the mind-body connection is real, and it’s accessible to mostly everyone. No special gear required.

      Increase compassion

      Compassion practices are basically like uploading empathy software to the heart. Learn how to truly love yourself, others…and all of society while you’re at it.


      Myths of Mindfulness & Meditation