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      mndfl @work

      A workplace program that works

      MNDFL @Work offers workshops, evidence-based programs and customized mindfulness experience for your team, led by expert teachers and tailored specifically for your culture and goals.

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      3 Benefits of Mindfulness @ Work


      Did you know a highly stressed employee can cost a company an extra $2,000/year in health care costs?


      Some studies suggest that COVID has actually resulted in a decline in employee productivity by 6%, particularly at companies that do not engage employees effectively.


      The cost of replacing a departed employee can be as much as 33% of the employee’s salary.

      We’ve Worked With Some of The Best

      (Back) to Work? Bring Mindfulness

      Whether Virtual or IRL, choose a Workshop, Experience, or Package for your team or event. Set the tone for the office.
      Support your people. Shift your culture and your bottom line. Get back to the office & back to work, MNDFL-ly.

      Find out more:


      We are now Working From Home & Anywhere more than ever. Our instructors lead group mindfulness sessions via online platforms to reach your team and employees in their homes and in offices worldwide.

      In office

      Are you back in the office? Our trained Certified Mindfulness Instructors come to your offices for in-office guided mindfulness sessions that actually work. One size doesn’t fit everyone. MNDFL has dozens of diverse instructors to match up with your company style and team needs.


      1-hr lively informative engagements to open a mindful window for your team, audience, customers, or clients


      For times of heightened stress and anxiety (sound familiar?). Equip your team with foundational practices of focusing (and re-focusing) attention in a particular way in order to become more present and grounded and support moments of stress and anxiety at work.

      MNDFLness 101

      Empower your team to learn what mindfulness is (and isn’t), and how a meditation practice will support them both professionally and personally. This session provides your team with a framework to incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives.

      (You) Better Sleep

      Quality rest is essential to quality productivity, communication, and thriving. From REM to delta waves it may seem like we have little control over what happens when we’re not conscious. Find out what you can do to make sleep worth its weight in zzzz’s. Gift your team with practices that support relaxation and allow them to leave work at the office so they return ready and refreshed the next day.

      MNDFL while WFH

      The days of fearing remote work and productivity are gone. And, you don’t have to compete with your team’s laundry machines! Instead, support your team with mindful practices that equip them to build productive ways of working from home, while still enjoying its perks.

      MNDFL Intentions

      It’s no longer an option to go on auto-pilot at work and in our lives. In the face of disruption and discontinuity the importance of reflecting on our ‘Why?’ is essential. This workshop guides your team through a straightforward process of getting in touch with what is most important. Face the new day, the new project, the new challenge from a place of clarity and creativity.

      Compassion @Work

      There’s a reason you work with people, not robots! Emotions are meant to be met and harnessed skillfully, not pushed aside. Support your team to work with their emotions mindfully, and better cope with stress and meet their emotional needs at work. Build a more empathetic team with practices that cultivate compassion for self and others. This is essential to a healthy work environment.

      Re-Balancing Anxiety & Depression

      At a time of struggle and overwhelm there is also more awareness than ever about well-being and how to take good care. Learning to sit with our minds in all kinds of weather is an important step towards the healthfulness we deserve. Support your team with powerful strategies for quieting anxiety, and finding openness amidst the overwhelm of depression.


      Not all mindfulness is created equal. Get the experience that meets the need or the mood of the moment.


      This is for your team members who might say “That’s Not For Me” to meditation. Sound baths can make accessing deeper states of mindfulness and relaxation easier, especially for team members who may have little or no meditation experience. All they have (get) to do, is lay down and listen, gaining the same benefits of meditation. Also offered both in-person and virtually with high fidelity sound, this is a great offering for a staff retreat, company event, or as a VIP treat.

      Deep Wakeful Sleep

      This wakeful sleep practice of deep relaxation resembles guided meditation and is designed to offer states equivalent to sleep while remaining conscious (kinda like that delicious morning moment when you’re emerging out of a good night’s sleep, but not quite fully awake yet). Better than that afternoon cup of coffee and even more re-energizing than a nap, this practice will leave your team feeling invigorated and refreshed.


      Mindfulness is all about BALANCE. So yes, sometimes the most mindful thing to do is shake things up. Mindful practices that engage and awaken the nervous system can be just what the moment calls for. This is for when your team needs that boost of energy.


      Impact on life and on your bottom line comes when you drop in, get your feet wet & maybe stay awhile.

      Return Rescue

      Let’s level-set on Mindfulness 101, the what, the how, and the benefits.

      Practice Dips

      30-minute sessions that set an ongoing rhythm and pace. Keep culture growing and flowing with regular MNDFL Dips that turn mindful moments into a lifestyle.

      Coaching Dives

      1-hour sessions that drop people in. Go beyond the metaphorical cushion and support your team with more than just a meditation practice – give them the gift of a mindful life. Our certified instructors are available for small group and 1:1 private sessions with more personalized coaching and support to bring mindfulness into daily life.

      Culture Swims

      Start with a SPRINGBOARD and set your cultural direction with a context-setting event led by a Certified Mindfulness Instructor. Build culture for your team life to make shift happen. But we won’t just hope it does. Simple quarterly self-assessments help your people know how much. 1, 3 and 6-month Swims deepen culture and ROI.

      Team FreeStyle

      Mindfulness isn’t one size fits all. Work with us and we’ll take the time to understand your culture and your goals in order to put together a custom package with content and an instructor that fit your specific goals and team.

      Have questions? Let’s Chat.